An Example of Successful Staff Recruiting

Executive recruiting is a career that has many of the sharpest mind and most skilled businessmen in the country have recently taken up. One of the most skilled of these recruiters, Dennis Carey, has made a fortune recruiting CEO and corporate directors for some of the top firms in the nation, including 3M, Tyco International, MCI, and American Standard.

What is executive recruiting and how can a person get involved in this career and succeed?

Taking Mr. Carey as an example, it obviously pays to have a high level of education. He holds a financial and administration Ph.D from the University of Maryland and served as a post-doctorate fellow at Harvard University. Mr. Carey has also spent time at the Princeton Theological Seminary and the ECC.

This training has given him a unique insight into what makes successful business leaders. Competency, vision, and hard work are traits that all successful CEO and corporate officers must possess.

To be a successful executive recruiter, you must develop these skills by not only receiving a high level of education, but by working hand-in-hand with many of these leaders in the business world.

Again, take a look at Mr. Carey’s experience for an illuminating example. He spent two decades at a global recruiting firm, researching various important business leaders, identifying which possessed the traits most important in a leader, and reaching out to them to create successful business pairings.

Not just any CEO or corporate director will work for just any business. More than half of the work is understanding how a person will fit in with a company and what strengths they bring. So beyond the obvious initial education and immersion in the business world, you also need to have high levels of people skills and a keen insight into the nature of what makes people tick.

How can you get those kind of skills? By doing what Mr. Carey did: starting at the bottom and working your way up. Get a degree in business and administration, like him, and then start working with important businesses. Even if you start out small, you can observe successful businessmen, note what traits they all possess, and keep those in mind.

Now do what Mr. Carey did next: get a job at a recruiting agency. You might start out doing cold calls and having absolutely no leads, but by using the skills you’ve learned during your time in business, you can become a successful recruiter, just like Mr. Carey.