Category: Philanthropy

Organizations That Help In Tunisia

Islamic Relief USA is one of the organizations helping the people of Tunisia. They are providing classes for the people in science, mathematics, Arabic, geography, and history in an environment that is safe. Read More

SourceAmerica Gives Opportunity To Disabled Community

SourceAmerica is dedicated to improving the availability of job opportunities for people who have disabilities. One way that they have been able to do this is through their Ideas to Work Fund. This program has led to a significant increase in job openings and it is changing the lives of people who are disabled. Read More

Passion Generated into Positive Change

Bret Baier and Amy Baier’s son who is a miracle baby has had three open heart surgeries, seven angioplasties, and a stomach surgery all at the Children’s National Medical Center. Youself Al Otaiba and Abeer Al Otaiba’s daughter was also treated at the CNMC for a rare lung illness. Read More

Real Estate Investors Giving Back

When a real estate investor gives back it shows there is a different way to invest. Many real estate investors are embracing a community by approaching their investment in a socially responsible way. The businessman responsible for this new twist on real estate investments is Nathaniel “Than” Merrill. The following is a quick rundown on who this popular man is. Read More