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Washington Mayor Celebrates the CAPCO Program

Recently, Washington Mayor, Antony Williams, celebrated the launch of the CAPCO program ( that would see the city increase job creation. The city has gone into agreements with several insurance investment firms that will get tax credit, while they contribute to a kitty. The funds will be used to motivate startups, and lend to the small scale entrepreneurs that need them to grow their businesses. These companies are expected to avail $50 million for the exercise to succeed. Read More

Al Gore and the Global Economy

Since narrowly losing the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore has gone on to have a substantial impact on other world affairs. Gore has actually impacted the world economy in a number of important ways. Read More

Business Backgrounds: Good for Political Roles

Every day, politicians spend exorbitant amounts of money. Government entities at every level spend money at rates that would be deemed intolerable if it was done by a private business. Read More

Inspirational Political Leaders of Our Time

President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan came from humble beginnings with political views that led him to Office of Governor of California in 1967. Read More