How Do Companies Use Head Hunters To Their Advantage?

Head hunters in the Washington DC area such as Lucas Group and Tangent are well-known for placing executive candidates with their clients. Each of these companies is used by larger corporations in the area to manage the executive suite. The corner offices of the most prominent companies in Washington are filled with executives who were chosen from a pool by head hunters like Nels Olson. This article explains how head hunters help their clients find the best candidates, vet those candidates and ensure that the executive action plan is honored.

#1: Head Hunters Already Know All The Candidates

Head hunters are aware of every good candidate in the city, and they may contact their people immediately when a position is open. Each head hunter will work through a list of people whom they believe are perfect for the job, and the vetting process begins. Head hunters expedite the process because they are currently aware of every good candidate they should speak to.

#2: Candidates Are Considered For Many Jobs

There are quite a few candidates who have been considered for multiple jobs, and they must ensure that they make their selections carefully. A candidate who is ready to move on to a new company may choose to move on to the interview process, and a candidate who wishes to stay where he/she is may bow out of the race at any time. Head hunters work the process slowly to ensure everyone is comfortable.

#3: Presentations Are Made To The Board

The board of directors of the client must be consulted before a hire is made. The board will be shown a few men or women who are perfect for the position, and the head hunter may bring in their prime candidates for board interviews. A decision may be made at the end of this process, or the head hunter may be tasked with making the final decision. Every head hunter has studied the client’s needs, and they know what each client would prefer in a new executive.

The executive action plan for the client was likely written by the head hunter, and they will execute that plan when necessary. Head hunters are capable of quickly ascertaining what must be done within an executive suite, and they will tailor the executive action plan for every office. Head hunters will seek out and find executive candidates, and they will bring those candidates to the client when ready.