NYC Lawyers

When someone needs a New York City lawyer, there are many options they can choose from. Searching online for a specific type of lawyer is a great way to start. It is a good idea to read online reviews and check to see if the law firm is listed on the Better Business Bureau. Some Read More

What’s Involved with Real Estate Training and Education Programs?

Many people would love to get into real estate and the Than Merrill FortuneBuilders program. Lots of people nowadays invest a lot of their own money into real estate, whether it be for commercial purposes or residential flipping. Read More

Learning the Ropes in Real Estate

When embarking on a new career in the real estate industry as Than Merrill did once, many people think they can simply jump right in and make a huge sale. This may hold true for a selected few lucky souls, but in reality, education about the industry in necessary. Real estate teachers are a godsend Read More

Passion Generated into Positive Change

Bret Baier and Amy Baier’s son who is a miracle baby has had three open heart surgeries, seven angioplasties, and a stomach surgery all at the Children’s National Medical Center. Youself Al Otaiba and Abeer Al Otaiba’s daughter was also treated at the CNMC for a rare lung illness. Read More

UAE’s First Female Fighter Pilot Led Airstrike against ISIS

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef Al Otaiba recently confirmed that for the first time, a female fighter pilot led an airstrike against ISIS. Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, who Ambassador Al Otaiba described as “fully qualified, highly trained and combat ready pilot” led the UAE’s mission. Maj. Al Mansouri said in interviews that Read More

Notable Big Apple Law Firms

The Big Apple, a place to make dreams a reality or crash and burn in the process. New York City is one of those places that offer a little of everything, including trouble. Fortunately the city also boasts a vast array of law firms to help those who find themselves on the wrong side of Read More

The New Net Nursery: How Crowdfunding And Venture Capital Firms Should Grow Up Together

The great number of people, not just the amounts they raise, really define how venture firms like Pacific Advantage Capital Partners can utilize they’re perceived competition and outgrow the discussion in terms of them of competitors for the same money. Read More

The Qualities of a CEO

What does it take to become a CEO? Some of the skills necessary to have such an important job in a company are relationship skills, leadership skills, decision making skills, and the ability to be innovate. As a CEO you need to be able to think in a different way and separate yourself from the Read More

Real Estate Investors Giving Back

When a real estate investor gives back it shows there is a different way to invest. Many real estate investors are embracing a community by approaching their investment in a socially responsible way. The businessman responsible for this new twist on real estate investments is Nathaniel “Than” Merrill. The following is a quick rundown on who this popular man is. Read More

Improving Business Efficiency

In addition to the workforce, other aspects of a business must also be addressed. These include such things as outsourcing, contact center solutions, banking and financial services, insurance and healthcare. Read More

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