Top Five Real Estate Developers in NYC

The New York City residential real estate business has become a worldwide empire to reckon when it comes to Joe Sitt. It has made approximately $10 million in sales for the first quarter of the year. Some of the NYC estate developers contributing to this include the following:

Norman Foster: Norman is the winner of the Pritzker price. He is eighty years old. Norman has managed to come up with signature contemporary designs that defined the cityscapes of metropolises all over the world. He has redefined the identities of the primary cultural institutions such as the Smithsonian and the British Museum. Norman is currently starting his NYC residential real estate debut. He is planning to come up with a trio of towers.

Vladislav Doronin: She is 52 years old. Vladislav is a real estate developer and chairman and founder of Capital Group. Her worth is approximately 1 billion and is often referred as the Donald Trump of Russia. The Company Capital Group was founded in 1991. It is based in Moscow. The company has grown over the years to build over 70 commercial and luxury residential projects. Doronin is the majority owner of ultra-luxe Aman Resorts.

Mathew Bannister: He is 48 years old. Mathew Bannister is the founding partner of DBOX. He is a graduate of the Prince School of Architecture. He started his firm in 1996 to use emerging technology to visualize future developments. The Company has come up with One World Trader. This is an Emmy-winning film presentation. Mathew believes that the most powerful marketing strategy is a strategic crafted visual.

Amit Khurana and Saif Sumaida: These two are the founding partners for Sumaida + Khurana. They believe that a rising building should not just be for purposes of shelter but much greater goals. Their company is three years old. The company is committed to delivering fantastic additions to the city skyline such as inaugural New York City projects.

Annabelle Selldorf: She is 54 years old. Annabelle is the principal of Selldorf Architects. She is celebrated for her designs. The designs are exemplary. She has become a very famous architect over the years, particularly from cultural institutions, bijou, from the UES’s Neue Galerie, and much more. Annabelle has designed the interiors and exteriors of prominent luxe residential buildings such as Noho 10 Bondo Street. She has upcoming projects like 42 Crosby Street where she is supposed to add a 19-storey tower to the current 4-floor structure.